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Increasing allocated memory for MC client

Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Org_The_Robo, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Org_The_Robo

    Org_The_Robo Silver

    This is a guide to show you how to Increase both Allocated Memory and Fps for you Minecraft Client AKA: No More Lag!

    This will increase both fps and memory. So things like "Out of Memory Crashes" won't happen while playing Minecraft. This will also create smoother game play due to the fps increase.

    So what is allocated memory: In simple terms it is the amount of RAM your computer dedicates to programs that are currently running.

    [size=14pt]Notice:[/size] I have only done this on my 64 bit windows 7 computer. I am about 99% sure that this won't work on mac and it may not have the same affect on a 32 bit computer. ALSO: Make sure you are using the right Java for your computer!

    Step 1: Hit your windows key and type in "run" (without the "). In the run box type in dxdiag and hit enter. Somewhere on that screen there should be something like Ram: **** or Memory: ****. That is the amount of allocated memory your computer has.

    Step 2: Make a text document. Do this by: right clicking your desktop > New > Text Document.

    Step 3: In the text document type in:
    javaw -Xmx0000m -Xms0000m -jar "C:\Location of Minecraft.exe\minecraft.exe"

    Instead of the 0000 put the number out of your RAM that you would like to use. You should leave at least 1 GB of RAM for other programs.

    To check where you minecraft.exe is located: Right Click Minecraft > Properties.

    For me it would look like this:
    javaw -Xmx4500m -Xms4500m -jar "C:\Users\Cameron\Desktop\minecraft.exe"

    This is a list of the GB=MB conversions:
    1GB 1024
    2GB 2048
    3GB 3072
    4GB 4096
    5GB 5120
    6GB 6144
    7GB 7168
    8GB 8192

    Step 4: Now, save the file you just made as a .bat file.

    How to: File > Save As > Type in Minecraft.bat > Save

    Step 5: Your all done! YAY! Just Open up the .bat file you made and it should open up your minecraft with an increased amount of RAM!

    If you have any troubles post below and I will help you out ASAP.
  2. neotropis

    neotropis Silver

    the 32 bit version of java will only support 1 GB, so that would be your limit on 32 bit systems...
    It's still double of what Minecraft will give you on a regular basis, and does indeed help a lot.

    memory crashes are also directly related to the resolution of your texture packs... 64bits and more use a lot more memory.

    (P.S.: I know the thread is old.. but the issue is still there, and many players suffer from crashes due to out of memory cases)
  3. Org_The_Robo

    Org_The_Robo Silver

    I use the default so I don't have this problem However I have looked around at some low-bit minecraft texture packs but many of them I don't particularly like so I just stick with default.
  4. jacks457

    jacks457 Whitelisted

    ok i have out of memer crashes all the time and so i tried this using your steps but when i run the .bat file it runs the command promt but doesnt run the minecraft file. do i need to run the minecraft file or what.
    this is whats in the file:

    javaw -Xmx1024m -Xms1024m -jar "C:\Users\Sliver Family\Documents\Alex's stuff\MineCraft\minecraft.exe"

    now im on a 32 bit computer that uses a vista OP system. if u have any ideas on how what i might have done wrong let me know. thanks!
  5. Org_The_Robo

    Org_The_Robo Silver

    Does it say anything like: 'Unable to create java virtual machine'? Or does it simply not open the minecraft.exe?

    Though this is unlikely: You may have the wrong java installed. But honestly I don't know much about 32 bit systems nor have I had any experience 32-bit OS.

    What I can do for you however is do a bit of research. So give me a day and I might have an answer for you!
  6. shadoom

    shadoom Administrator

    hit WinButton+R
    type cmd, hit ENTER
    type java -version, hit ENTER

    paste it here :)
  7. neotropis

    neotropis Silver

    my bat file (on a 32 bit Windows 7 System) looks like this:

    javaw -Xincgc -Xmx1024M -jar "C:\Location of your MC exe file\Minecraft.exe"

    -XmX is the max allocated memory
    - Xincgc is to recursively clear the garbage collecting process in java (It greatly increased memory clearance for me, visible by pressing F3 in-game... when memory allocation goes over 30ish% it drops back to 15% at once)

    my java version is 1.7

    Windows Vista seems to always want some form of administrator rights when starting anything, maybe you can try that?
  8. Org_The_Robo

    Org_The_Robo Silver

    A common mistake: Space between -jar "C

    Vista has major problems with java. So using 'java (sun)' might help. Make sure that you are not giving the program to much memory or as neo said it will just go back to default.

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