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Large Biomes? Yea or Nay?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jackinthecrapper, Aug 2, 2012.


Do you want the new server to have the map type "New Biomes?"

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. jackinthecrapper

    jackinthecrapper Silver Trusted

    if the map is resetting, can you set the world type to large biomes? Something that's bugged me is when towns overflow into like three different biomes, just because the biomes aren't big enough for them. It makes them seem disjointed and lacking of unity.

    Plus, this would allow for more room to build, which is always good, right?

    [EDIT] since liking my thread doesn't show dissents very well, I've opened up a poll on the topic, located here http://www.shadoom.com/threads/large-biomes-yea-or-nay.6403/
  2. shadoom

    shadoom Administrator

    anyone else for this?
    like his post if so
  3. Timmehor

    Timmehor Gold

    I was actually just about to post that, definitely want large biomes!
  4. hmmm, miner0635 wanted part of New Rica to be placed on extreme hills for emerald mining. But, that means larger extreme hills that I can place an outpost on and have the rest of Rica on a bordering grassland. Me likey! :Cow:
  5. hooglecraft

    hooglecraft Member

    large biomes means generally 4 sections to a map


    + water obviously am I right or wrong
  6. lenski

    lenski Gold

    "Large Biomes is a World Type that causes the biomes of the Overworld to be expansive. This is the third World Type option available to the player, the others being Default and Superflat. The player can use a map to gain a visual representation of the scale of the biomes in their world.
    Large Biome worlds are generated as Default worlds, but 16x bigger. A Default and Large Biome world sharing the sameseed will be the same overall geographically, but the Large Biomes world will be approximately 16 times bigger, with the x and z axis multiplied by 4."

  7. jackinthecrapper

    jackinthecrapper Silver Trusted

    So more room for building, sounds good to me!
  8. jackinthecrapper

    jackinthecrapper Silver Trusted

    In relation to my previous thread asking the same question, since shad gave it to the community to decide I figured I should make a poll.

    For those of you that don't know, 1.3 adds a new map type called large biomes, that expands the size of a minecraft world and it's biomes by 16 times. This means more room to build in, and a bigger server overall.

    Upsides are obvious, more room, more unified towns, less crowded wilderness, and more untouched minecraft nature for exploring. - not actually true, we limit the map our selves, craft -

    Downsides are that with it being so big, you'll have to really hoof it to get to a free place once the server opens. People will likely start building right next to the spawn, and outwards. Not the end of the world obviously, but if you're a person who likes everything really close together, this would not be the choice for you.

    So whaddaya think?
  9. jackinthecrapper

    jackinthecrapper Silver Trusted

  10. Craftiii4

    Craftiii4 Gold

    No, the map limit will still be the same
  11. jackinthecrapper

    jackinthecrapper Silver Trusted

    Are you sure? That's not what the wiki said...
  12. Craftiii4

    Craftiii4 Gold

    We limit the map our selves. It will be the same block limit.
  13. shadoom

    shadoom Administrator

  14. doc_seus

    doc_seus Gold

    Obviously I would want the new biomes, but I don't want the large biomes. I like to be able access all of the biomes and what they have to offer. With large biomes, I don't think you could realistically do that on foot.
  15. I say no to large biomes, they're way too big, it would be horrible if 1/4 of our map was a snow biome. The normal size biomes give us multiple ones spread out over the map.
  16. shadoom

    shadoom Administrator

    before you vote for "no" check it in your singleplayer game, it looks quite interesting and i was flying around for a bit and i saw already 4 different biomes so they're not that large
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  17. sparie

    sparie Gold

    Shad if I do the update I will look at it. Can't update yet pc not on. And then I can c the biomes :p
    I choose for yes large biomes

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