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Mob disguise mod

Discussion in 'Support & Requests' started by RandomGuy3016, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. RandomGuy3016

    RandomGuy3016 Member

    no idea for u shadoom banned me no ides from me
  2. Max_R

    Max_R Gold

  3. Phyre

    Phyre Gold

    This should be a class on the RPG world
  4. Has been mentioned by me before... ^^'

    I laik it ;3
    Phyre likes this.
  5. Org_The_Robo

    Org_The_Robo Silver

    I'm gana use and abuse. :allthe:
  6. Org_The_Robo

    Org_The_Robo Silver

    Jk jk, but can we use this on survival world?
  7. bubbly01

    bubbly01 Trusted

    Dude, I would love if this were a class on the RPG world. It could be a druid class or something. I totally want to be a cow. Also, a spider.
  8. enderdragon. nobody would notice that it is a player.
  9. Org_The_Robo

    Org_The_Robo Silver

    That would be awesome....
    Does this mod also give you the same attributes as the mob you are? If so than things like creepers might be a grefing tool, because they will show up as a player in config.
  10. they dont get the skills of the mob.
  11. bubbly01

    bubbly01 Trusted

    So the spider person mob couldn't climb up walls and stuff? Sadness.
  12. uMad bro? Naww jk. Sad though, they must put it in teh plugin
  13. bubbly01

    bubbly01 Trusted

    It would be so cool to be a spider and skitter all over mountains and stuff. Just imagine how much easier it would be to get over that sheer cliff if you could crawl over it. :D

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